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Personal Training

Working one on one with a personal trainer is an excellent way to maximize your fitness potential. A trainer will ensure that you practice proper technique and get the most out of your workouts each session. Everyone from a high performance athlete, to an average individual looking to lose 10 pounds can benefit from seeing a personal trainer. Personal training is also available to those who wish to train in pairs, or small groups.

* A free consultation is included with the purchase of a personal training package.

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes, such as boot camps, are a great way to get in shape and have fun with others who have similar fitness goals. Group fitness classes will tailor to people of all fitness levels (unless specified otherwise). A personal trainer will ensure that everyone maintains correct technique and experience a variety of many different exercises during training sessions. Team training is also available.

Fitness Assessment

Either based on the Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Approach (CPAFLA), or a custom designed assessment based on your goals and needs, a fitness assessment is a great way to determine your level of fitness. A fitness assessment is also a great tool that can be used to set new goals and help measure your progress.

Body Composition

Body composition can be measured in a number of ways such as, height and weight, skin folds, circumference measurements, and bioelectrical impedance analysis. Through these various measurements, an estimate of your body fat percentage can be determined. Having your body composition assessed is an excellent means of setting goals and measuring your progress.

Program Design

When working towards any fitness related goal a well designed program is essential. All programs are specifically designed to suit the needs and goals of each individual client. Not everyone is the same, so why should your exercise program be?

Working out? Getting the results you want?

75% of the people who exercise aren't getting the results they want. Of the 25% who do get results, 90% are working with a trainer.

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