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What our clients are saying

"“I went from a size 16 to a size 6!”"

When I started training with Brent my goal was a healthy lifestyle that included fitness and healthy eating habits. But honestly, I was desperate to lose weight and get in shape as my son was getting married in 11 months and time was ticking! We started working together 3 days a week and I did 3 days on my own. He designed a program for me which I followed faithfully and saw results faster than I could have imagined. Every month he would do an assessment and change things up, keeping me on track and doing more than I realized I was capable of. Needless to say by the wedding I felt good about myself and proud of my accomplishment. I went from a size 16 to a size 6 which I hadn’t thought was possible!

I still meet with Brent twice a week to keep on track. His quiet, polite demeanor is encouraging and he puts up with my constant complaining with the fun in which it is intended! He always takes the time to listen to concerns and designs the workouts accordingly. He’s always has some new exercise for me to try and has more confidence in me than I do. When I get discouraged he reminds me how far I’ve come. I will never be able to thank him enough what he did for me and continues to do with our training sessions. He is a great person and I actually enjoy our time together unless he makes me do burpees!

"“Highly motivating and very professional!”"

I have found Brent to be a highly motivating and very professional fitness trainer. I have used many trainers in the past and what I like most about Brent is his ability to really personalize his programs for you. Where most trainers will use a cookie cutter program for all their clients, Brent actually sits down with you, listens to what you want and makes a program that is unique only to you. He is very educated in what he knows, extremely approachable with all your concerns, and has given me real results in my quest for fitness. I highly recommend him.


Brent, Thank you for being a fantastic trainer for Bruce and I. We miss our mornings already.

"“One of the many benefits!”"

Thinking of you Brent with a great deal of appreciation. Yesterday I went for a long bike ride ( first in years) and then moved thousands of pounds of rocks and dirt in our back yard. Amazingly I was able to do it and even feel good today! This is just one of the many benefits I have experienced from participating in your [group classes] the past few years.
You are a wonderful, kind and patient fitness trainer Brent!

"Brent is great!"

Brent is great at what he does. He knows how to push you in ways that not only encourage you that you can reach your goal, but also in a way that help you reach your goal faster.

Working out? Getting the results you want?

75% of the people who exercise aren't getting the results they want. Of the 25% who do get results, 90% are working with a trainer.

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