The Mobile Advantage

Accelerate Personal Fitness Training specializes in mobile personal training in Penticton, British Columbia. We bring all of the necessary equipment needed for a great workout to your house, or wherever else you may choose. Some of the advantages of mobile personal training include:

  • We bring the equipment and workout to you.
  • No gym membership required.
  • No time wasted going to and from gym, or waiting for equipment.
  • Education on fitness and physical activity.
  • A trainer ensures that proper form and technique are practiced when exercising to limit risk of injury.
  • Programs are tailored towards your specific needs.
  • A trainer will get you results and help you reach your goals.
  • Provides variety to both workouts and exercises.
  • A trainer will ensure that you stay motivated and accountable.

Working out? Getting the results you want?

75% of the people who exercise aren't getting the results they want. Of the 25% who do get results, 90% are working with a trainer.

Penticton Personal Fitness Training